Tech Thursday: Free Digital Magazines, Movies & Shows from…. Your Library?


Many Public Libraries are moving into the new digital age and offering some great online resources.  So if you don’t feel like getting in your car and traveling all the way to your local library over and over again, Don’t!  All you need is a Library card from a participating public library (Dayton Metro for example).  The applications are fairly easy to use, and are named Hoopla and Zinio.  Great titles can be found to read such as Men’s Health, Cosmo, and Newsweek & Popular Science.   Check out more titles at www.

For those of you who don’t like to read… is your place.  Again, all free with a public library card.  Movies such as “The King’s Speech”, “E.T.” and “The Fast and the Furious” can all be streamed at no cost.  Will this completely take away from Netflix, Amazon Prime or M-Go?; most likely not.  But it is a great supplement to those at the best price…. FREE!

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