Tech Thursday: Laptop Graphics Hardware

computerAre you an Engineering Major who has been wondering what "Dedicated Graphics" are while trying to pick out a laptop for the upcoming School year? With all of the confusing marketing surrounding laptops at the beginning of the academic year, knowing exactly what you;re getting is a big plus, and can give you a leg up when shopping for your computer for the next 4 years.

When picking out a laptop, consider the following items:

  • Graphics card manufacturer:
    • This will more than likely be one 3 companies: Intel, Nvidia, or AMD. AMD and Nvidia are manufacturers of Dedicated graphics cards, while Intel graphics are built into your CPU, and are therefore less powerful.
  • Amount of Video Card Ram: A typical modern computer with a Dedicated graphics card will have 2 Gigabytes of video memory, and it should be fairly obvious when looking over the specs of the machine. Try not to confuse Computer memory with Video memory, as the 2 are different. The computer memory will usually be 8 GB or 16 GB. Video memory will max out at 4 GB.

Also, please check out the link below for additional advice when it comes to dedicated vs. integrated hardware.

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