Tech Thursday: Destiny

DestinyThe latest gaming craze since its release a few weeks ago has been Destiny, the newest game from Bungie, the company that brought us Halo. Destiny has quickly become the biggest game launch since the new generation of consoles was introduced in late 2013. Over the span of the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360, the game is taking over gamers and college campuses nationwide. The game had a bit of a rough start, utilizing a P2P technology that made it non-functional on several campuses (and frustrating lots of students). Since then, however, the issue has been resolved, and Destiny has become a nightly routine for most. Using a level-based progression system, the game draws you in with numerous quests, raids, and missions. Coupled along with this, is the never-ending search for stronger and less common armor and equipment. Gamers are captivated so far, and the game is a strong early Game of the Year candidate.

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