Tech Thursday: Windows 10

Windows 10Just when you thought you were becoming accustomed to Windows 8 (or maybe even Windows 7!), a whole new release of the Windows operating system is on the horizon. However, while Windows 8 was a unwelcome and perplexing leap for many, Windows 10 aims to harmonize the features we love of Windows 7 with the updated look of Windows 8, plus a lot more functionality. Many will embrace the return of the refreshed start button, which on one side looks like the trusty menu we have always known, while on the other side features the live tile apps that were introduced in Windows 8. Another new feature in Windows 10 will be the option of two-factor authentication to reduce the chances of a data breach. Other improvements include a new Snap Assist feature which will allow users to customize the way apps snap to the edge of the screen. There is also a new task view that enables users to easily switch between running programs and desktops. Find out more information about Windows 10 and check out a preview here!
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