Web Wednesday: Web Browsers


Welcome back to the University of Dayton! 

If you run in to any web-based problems and need to contact IT support, it is always helpful to know what web browser you are using. A web browser is a software application installed on your computer that lets you visit webpages and search for information available on the World Wide Web. The most commonly used web browsers on our campus are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Mac users frequently use Safari on their iPhones and iPads. 

There are a number of ways to tell what browser you are using. Sometimes the easiest is just to look at the logo - if it has a blue E, it is Internet Explorer. If there is a fox chasing a globe, you are using Firefox. A compass means you are using Safari, and a green, yellow, and red circle lets you know you are using Chrome. Another handy tool is this website: https://whatbrowser.org which tells you not only which browser you are using, but what version. Also in your browser is usually some sort of tools or options menu. This is frequently indicated by a gear icon or an icon with three horizontal bars. Once in your settings menu, you can find a section that will indicate what browser you are using. If you are still having problems, the Help Desk can assist you with determining which browser you are using. 

The University of Dayton uses Google Apps like Gmail, Calendar, Groups, and Drive. Although Chrome is a Google product, it is distinct from the Google Apps. You can use any browser available to you to access your Gmail account and other apps. All you need to do is login to porches.udayton.edu from any browser, then navigate to your University of Dayton Gmail account from the main page or from the Tools drop down box in the right hand corner of Porches. 

Contact the University of Dayton Help Desk at 937-229-3888 or at helpdesk@udayton.edu for any questions! 

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