Service Desk Spotlight: Nick Sykora


nick sykoraName: Nick Sykora

Major: Computer Science

Year: Junior

Hobbies: Snowboarding, video games, shenanigans

How long have you been at UDit?

  • 3 months

What is your true passion?

  • Reddit, obviously...

What 3 skills have you gained from working here that has helped you grow?

  • Communication is number one.
  • I've become even more tech savvy.
  • Time management. 

Favorite part of working at UDit?

  • Learning. I honestly learn new things about computers, IT, and customer service every single day. 

Any tech advice you'd like to give our followers?

  • Google is your best friend. Seriously, you'll most likely find a fix for any problem with your computer within minutes. Many websites and forums are full of helpful people that have already solved the problem you're having and posted step by step instructions on what to do. Don't be lazy, take initiative, and do it yourself. You might learn something.


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