Thursday April 21, 2016

May we help you?

By Michaela Eames

<p dir="ltr" id="docs-internal-guid-234a0472-3a07-8a84-fdeb-e82750f81d80"><span>Social media has changed the way we communicate &amp;#8211; both as an institution and as individuals. We can engage in ongoing, digital conversations with fellow Flyers about what is most important to them (and us) in the space where they are at.</span></p>

But where is your audience, and is there a best way to engage them in that conversation?

As part of University Marketing and Communications, the social media team is your “No Fear Shakespeare” guide to all things social — from campaigns and channels to event coverage and cross-promotion.

We offer consultation and collaboration. In the last year, we partnered with Campus Ministry and the Office of Rector and Mission to promote the chapel rededication, reaching an audience of more than 100,000; assisted the Hanley Sustainability Institute on assessment of their social media practices and a coverage of the Divest/Invest Conference; and worked with the Fitz Center on Snapchat takeovers to increase their student applications, among others.

We are here to help you with:

BEST PRACTICES: How long should a Facebook post be? How many #Hashtags is too many? Do pictures get more likes when you use an Instagram filter?

EVENT COVERAGE: While our office makes a point to cover major campus events, we know there’s a lot more going on around campus (we just don’t always know about it). We can look at the scope of your event and resources and help you decide the best ways to promote it, based on your audience and goals for the event.

CHANNEL ASSISTANCE: Are you looking to start or improve a social media account for yourself, group, department, event or organization? We can talk about your goals and offer strategies. Where is your audience, how do you attract them and how do they want to be engaged with? What should your content should look like? How can you partner with the University’s main channels to expand your audience?

And so much more. If you have a marketing account manager you work with, please contact her. If not, please fill out our social media consultation request form. And you’re always welcome to engage us in conversation on Twitter @univofdayton or @daymag. We look forward to working with you.

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