Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf

By Jennifer Conard

I was eager to be able to participate in the Journey of the Traveling Scarf. I thought it would help me connect to women across campus, some I knew and some I did not. When I first received the scarf it was from someone who I did know through a mutual acquaintance, she knew the mother of a friend of mine in high school. She was also an alumna from my high school.

Then, when it was my turn to hand off the scarf to the next woman, I did not know her. However, once we were talking, I learned we had more things in common than I would have thought. We both have similar ideas and beliefs, and we both are passionate about the same issues.

In the end, I am happy I met both of these women. They are such great role models for a new freshman at UD, like myself.

One thing I was not expecting when I wore the scarf, however, was the confidence I felt. I really felt connected to so many women, and through that I felt less alone. Even walking to class by myself, I felt more comfortable because I knew I had so many women with me in spirit. The scarf pushed me out of my comfort zone that day, and I really had a great time. One of my teachers was also wearing the same scarf that day and we were excited to see each other in it.

This was such a wonderful experience to have had, and I am so grateful. I know it will be something I remember for a long time and I hope others have their own moving experience with the scarf.

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