Prayers of the Heart March prayer service focuses on women

By Women's Center

This month’s Prayers of the Heart service, held on March 16, highlighted Women’s History Month. The prayer stressed inclusivity, diversity, and a call for us, “to search for those stories that are different from our own.”

As a Catholic and Marianist community, we believe that when we gather in faith, our prayers can bring peace. We gather to create a space to embrace and express their emotions in an effort to stand in solidarity for the common good.

Prayers of the HEART monthly prayer services began in September 2016 as a call for students, faculty and staff to band together and create a spirit of positive change through common prayer. HEART stands for: Healing, Empathy, Awareness, Reconciliation and Transformation. Each brief service is held every third Thursday of the month during the school year at 12:15 p.m. by the Peace Pole, courtyard north of the Chapel. The next service will be held on April 20.

Here is the full prayer from March 16:

A Prayer for the Women Through the Ages

Spirit of Renewal, God of Many Names, and One Transforming and Abundant Love,
We turn this month, in our nation's life, to reflect on the stories,
The heritage,
and the struggles,
of women throughout the ages.
We seek to learn from all those voices that have been left unheard.
May we pause before the silences of the ages,
Find who has been left out,
And craft new ways of inclusion,
For every week, and every month.
May this spiritual practice,
Bring out the voices of all those struggling,
All those left apart.
May we let go of our assumptions and cold comforts,
Of what is the normal  to live by,
Unless it be a standard that is rooted in compassion,
In inclusivity,
In diversity.
May this month of reflection teach us to search
for those stories that are different from our own.
Mother of Possibilities,
In the finding,
May we come to know ourselves changed.
Renewed where we are dry,
Hopeful where we are lost,
And open where we are shut. Amen

-Rev. Jude Geiger, a Unitarian Universalist minister serving the community of Huntington, New York

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