Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf

The word ‘hectic’ lightly describes my day with the scarf.

Due to having a lab, two work shifts, and an intramural game, I was not able to creatively incorporate the scarf into my outfit as I had hoped. So, it sat in my book bag most of the day. Whenever I opened it, I was reminded of how busy I am. It reminded me to stop and appreciate the collaborative nature of friendships and organizations here at UD.

One thing we talk about in engineering is the competitive nature of female friendships. Since females are the minority in engineering, it often feels like we are in greater competition against both our female and male counterparts. Most of us have dominant personalities and work to protect our pride. Having the scarf made me wonder how we could create better collaboration among female engineering students. At UD, we have programs like the Society of Women Engineers, but even that focuses on professional development, which involves bettering ourselves to get an edge over our peers.

There are a few opportunities to relax in these organizations, but they usually involve games or crafting. These always turn into a competition of who can win or who can make the cutest dorm decoration. Promoting friendship among female engineers is definitely something that I want to work on improving.

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Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf

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