Textbook Affordability

The Bookstore offers many different options and programs to help customers find the most affordable course materials possible.

Our Commitment

We are committed to offering all course materials for the University of Dayton in as many formats as we can at the best possible prices – making course materials affordable and accessible for students. Our first-class customer service includes working with the student when the unexpected occurs, like a last-minute change in required textbooks for a course. Our online competitors can’t always offer this same personalized service.

Used Books and Book Buyback Program

The Book Buyback Program is simple. At the end of each semester, bring your books back to the Bookstore to receive up to 50 percent of the new book price, regardless of whether you bought the book new or used. We will buy back books purchased at the Bookstore or anywhere else.

Rental Books

The Bookstore offers a range of rental textbooks. Pay a fraction of the price of the book and agree to bring it back to us at the end of the semester. As long as the book is not damaged and is turned in on time, your commitment is fulfilled. However, penalties accrue if your book is late coming back or the book is lost or never returned. Books eligible for rental will have the rental price listed on the book’s shelf tag.

We also have partnered with Skyo to offer even more rental titles to you. Designed as a supplement to our existing in-store rental program, more rental titles are available online. Books rented through Skyo are shipped via mail and not available in the Bookstore for pick-up. Order them with enough time for them to arrive before classes begin. However, you can return your rental book to the Bookstore at the end of the semester, and we will return it to Skyo for you.


Hundred of e-book titles are available through the Bookstore, both online and in the store. E-books are priced lower than the cost of a new textbook and are easily accessible on nearly any device you use.

Competitive Pricing

In an effort to keep costs down for our students, we shop our entire booklist online to see exactly how competitive we are. In some instances, we were priced lower than our online competitors. In other instances, we were about the same. We continue to place our focus on the titles where we come in above the competition so that we can continue to be your first stop for course materials.