The Sales Management Emphasis at the University of Dayton

Since the 2005-2006 academic year, the Sales Management Emphasis has given our Marketing (MKT) Majors the opportunity to differentiate themselves from Marketing students at other universities by designating a specialized emphasis.

The University of Dayton is one of less than 50 schools nationwide that offer students the opportunity to declare a Sales Management Emphasis. We have been recognized by the 2011 Sales Education Foundation Annual as one of the “Top Universities for Professional Sales Education” in the country. Only 48 universities out of over 4,150+ made this prestigious list.

The requirements for the MKT Major with a Sales Management Emphasis are as follows:

Marketing (MKT) Major with a Sales Management Emphasis

  • MKT 450 - Buyer Behavior & Market Analysis
  • MKT 455 - Marketing Planning & Strategy
  • MKT 310 - Principles of Selling
  • MKT 411 - Sales Management

MKT 300/301 Principles of Marketing is a prerequisite for MKT 310
MKT 310 is a prerequisite for MKT 411

Elective: Choose one

  • MKT 350 - Internet and Electronic Marketing
  • MKT 420 - Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • MKT 428 - Promotion Management