The mission of the CIFW would be to help the SBA in educating its students to become distinctive graduates in the University’s Catholic and Marianist tradition and in keeping with our University’s motto of learn, lead, and serve.  In carrying out this mission, the Center would assist the SBA faculty and staff in recognizing and implementing programs and initiatives that focus on the importance of the following issues:

1.  The growing interest in spirituality in business particularly among the mainstream press is a reflection of a search for deeper meaning and wholeness in our work lives.

2.  Most business professionals see the need to integrate their personal lives and values with their professional lives and values.  The recognition of one’s calling or vocation is often a critical first step in finding deeper meaning and wholeness in our work life.

3.  As business professionals we are “called” to use our gifts and talents to improve both our economy and our organizations.  The University’s Catholic and Marianist heritage can be an effective resource to actively engage our students, faculty, staff, and community in this “calling” in ways that are both professionally constructive and personally rewarding.

4.  A primary role of leadership is to create the necessary community in organizations that allows each individual the space and support to find the deeper meaning and search for wholeness in one’s work life.  Such efforts are critically important in creating the kind of organizational culture that fosters deep personal commitment, creativity, ethics, and innovation so important to a firm’s success.

5.  Leadership is not values neutral.  Therefore, we can not separate discussions about one’s leadership ability from discussions about personal maturity and character.


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