Vision and Tactics

Center for the Integration of Faith and Work

Prepared by Catholic and Marianist Identity Committee
Vision for the Center

Prepare SBA grads to lead in bringing a vision of calling to business.

Values CIFW is committed to promote

Integrity  •  Sense of Calling  •  Catholic Social Teaching  •  Marianist Themes

Brief History: What has led us to create this center?
  • Strategic Objective in 2005 SBA Plan---How do we more fully integrate our Catholic and Marianist heritage into the SBA and our curriculum?
  • Business as a Calling Theme---Fall semester program featuring a prominent representative from the business community
  • Business as a Calling course
  • CIFW Charge by Dean Matt Shank to Catholic and Marianist Identity Committee
Programs we have in place and wish to continue and grow

Walk the Talk  •  Business as Calling MBA course  •  Annual Business as a Calling seminar  •  Catholic & Marianist Identity Committee  •  Marianist in Residence  •  Symposia for faculty  •  BIZ 102 sessions  •  Christmas prayer service  •  Learning Teaching Forums  •  Prayer at SBA faculty and staff meetings

Rationale for the Center
  • Growing interest in spirituality in business
  • Many have expressed the need to integrate their personal lives and values with their professional lives
  • Both of the above points are consistent with the university's Catholic/Marianist heritage and tradition
  • The belief that business should be seen as a calling - a vocation - and that recognizing this calling is a necessary first step in the process of integrating one's personal and professional life
  • The Center can play an important part in our efforts to educate distinctive graduates
Functions of the Center
  • Key resource for providing SBA students with an educational experience that is consistent with our Catholic and Marianist traditions
  • The Center will play a key role in helping our students recognize that their entry into the various business professions is a calling
  • The Center will help provide the collaborative structure, resources, and guidance to help SBA faculty and staff recognize their calling/vocation
  • The Center will offer opportunities for faculty to engage in scholarship and collegial inquiry around topics germane to the integration of faith and work including interdisciplinary research
  • The Center will be a focal point for initiatives and programs that support a comprehensive approach not only for educating distinctive SBA graduates but also for positioning the SBA as a resource to the University and greater Dayton community

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