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Websites dealing with Faith and Work

North American Center for Marianist Studies Newsletter
Marianist Studies: Virtual Learning > On-line Courses on Marianist Heritage and many other resources dealing with Marianist Spirituality. 

Vatican Web Site > Search for Compendium of Social Doctrine of the Church
Comprehensive Collection of Papal Writings on topics of Social and Economic Justice.

Institute for Pastoral Initiatives / University of Dayton
Institute for Pastoral Initiatives mobilizes the resources of the University of Dayton for partnerships with the Church that create and implement innovative pastoral initiatives designed to meet the needs of the Church and to articulate faith within the context of the contemporary culture.

Monasteries of the Heart
A new movement for a new world: Monasteries of the Heart is built on a 1500-year-old tradition with a wealth of wisdom literature as well as stories of monastics who changed the world by living a communal prayer life.

Giving Voice to Values
A very useful treatment of challenging ethical situations in organizations and of ways to coping with them while keeping to one’s values. 


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