Sophomore Entrepreneurial Experience

Sophomore ENT majors take the highly popular two sequence course, the Sophomore Entrepreneurial Experience, where the students generate ideas for a company, form teams, attend two semesters of entrepreneurship class lectures, start their own micro businesses and operate the companies for the entire academic year. Each team receives $5,000 of venture capital from the University. At year end the students close the companies, liquidate any remaining inventory and repay the University its startup capital. Additionally, students donate part of the generated profit to charity,  with the remaining profits being split among the teams.  For the 2017-2018 academic year, ENT sophomores will be operating 10 micro businesses.

Good luck to this year's micro businesses! Sales start November 1, 2017.  Click the link to see their products!

Danielle Ruffolo was not expecting to start her own business as a sophomore in college. But a class project turned into an opportunity. Her experience starting and running a business in the Sophomore Entrepreneurial Experience course has continued to pay dividends. Students draw on their experiences and apply them to new business concepts and theories in their upper-level business courses.