Business Operations

The Business Operations Department handles internal processes and marketing for HSF. Responsibilities include communications, running the hiring process, planning community service events, and developing and displaying the HSF brand. The Business Operations Department requires members that are hard-working, detail-oriented, and outgoing.

Financial Operations

The Financial Operations Department handles the financial reporting responsibilities of HSF. This includes tracking performance in an Excel spreadsheet and creating a monthly performance report. The success of the Operations department relies heavily on members who have strong Microsoft Excel and Word skills, as well as good time management skills.


The Investments Department manages the Fund’s discretionary portfolio. The Investments Department is divided into two sub-departments, the Securities Team and the Economics Team. The Securities Team is responsible for all stock research, pitches, and voting on the discretionary portfolio holdings. The Economics Team researches newsworthy events and produces a bi-weekly economic update that is presented to the entire Fund.

Risk Management

The Risk Department utilizes standard industry practices in order to gauge HSF’s operational and trading risk. Standard risk measurements include standard deviation (volatility), Sharpe ratio, Sortino ratio, and others. The Risk Department is pivotal in managing HSF’s portfolio in a profitable and effective manner, and relies on members with advanced math skills.


The Modeling Department focuses on developing and improving the algorithmic trading model as well as other quantitative modeling projects. HSF members, under the Director of Modeling, work on developing and backtesting new model ideas, building and presenting model PowerPoints, and researching new indicators.


School of Business Administration

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