About Us

The Hanley Sustainability Fund (HSF) is a student-managed equity portfolio that operates out of the Hanley Trading Center. HSF’s goal is to outperform the overall stock market while investing in companies that embrace sustainable initiatives such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing waste and scrap, using resources in an efficient manner, limiting reliance on fossil fuels, or introducing and developing products that enable customers to do the same.

HSF’s investment portfolio is divided into two branches: the discretionary branch, and the non-discretionary branch. The discretionary branch utilizes fundamental analysis and economic research to make investment decisions through traditional stock pitches, while the non-discretionary branch operates a non-discretionary algorithmic investing model that was built, back-tested, and continues to be improved by the members of the Fund.

HSF provides a real world learning experience to its approximately 40 members from disciplines throughout the University, including biology, engineering, computer science, mathematics, and business. Upon completion of an eight-week Junior Analyst development program, members contribute directly to the success of the Fund. HSF provides endless opportunities, whether in heading up one of five functional departments, serving as a manager, or participating on one or more functional teams.

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Hanley Sustainability Fund

Miriam Hall 107 
M-F 10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. (except during classes)