Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission is to outperform the S&P 500 while investing in companies embracing sustainable business models. The skills we develop and experiences we provide will prepare the members of the fund for a successful career upon graduation.


To be a premier student organization at the University of Dayton and prepare our members for success upon graduation both professionally and personally.


We embrace an environmentally conscious future.

With a changing world and an increasing spotlight on sustainability and going green, we are here to support the cause. With our portfolio full of green and transparent companies, we work to support our nation’s corporations who share the same environmental values as we do. We acknowledge the significance of our environment and constantly work to adapt to changes. Not only do we pursue a healthier University of Dayton, but a healthier and cleaner world.

We encourage a pursuit of knowledge.

As young, growing adults, we are grateful for our time here at the University of Dayton and work to take full advantage of our opportunities. As members of Hanley Sustainability Fund, we see firsthand the infinite knowledge within our grasp, and make it a responsibility of ours, as both a group and individuals, to prepare ourselves for our future.

We instill a welcoming culture.

Not only do we work to better ourselves professionally, but we also make it a priority to enjoy each other and grow as friends. We understand our position is serious within HSF, but we understand that to create a healthy and successful atmosphere, we must form a bond outside of the fund. We turn long hours studying and researching into memories with friends and create a network that will last much longer than our time here at UD.

Our members are passionate.

As one of over 200 clubs and organizations at UD, we take great pride in what we do here at HSF. Our members are driven individuals both within the fund and beyond. We love what we do, and that genuinely reflects in our work.

We develop professional skills and behavior.

We understand the reason for us being here at UD; to better ourselves for the future in the real world. Everything we do in HSF, we attempt to apply to our life outside of UD. Whether at networking events, listening to guest speakers, or internships, we do our best to use HSF as a tool for our future.

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