Bachelor's Plus Master's Program

University of Dayton MBA Program Bachelor's Plus Master's (BPM) Program

The University of Dayton Bachelor’s Plus Master’s (BPM) program encourages high performing UD undergraduate students to continue their studies and complete a Master’s Degree at UD.

  • BPM Program participants pay tuition equal to the School of Education and Health Sciences Master's rate (equals savings of approx. 30%)
  • Students must submit the BPM application below no later than their last semester as an undergraduate
  • Students must have a GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Acceptance into the BPM does not automatically mean acceptance into the MBA program
  • Students must also apply to the MBA Program using the online MBA application
  • Tuition discount extends for up to four consecutive terms
  • Students have the ability to take a semester off for a pre-approved internship without penalty

School of Business MBA Program

 Application for Admission to Bachelor's Plus Master's Program


MBA Program

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MBA Program