There are three cost components: Expenses/Tuition/Other charges

The trip Expenses: $3394 (paid as a $250 deposit by Sep 28, and the balance, $3144 at the end of October)
  • the roundtrip group flight--NYC-Kochi-NYC: $1695
  • all lodging, and transportation & required guided tours within India: $1599
  • mandatory UD issued SOS card ($100)
The Tuition cost depends on whether students enroll in the one credit option or the three-credit option:
  • $1565 (for one credit)
  • $4495 (for three credits)
The Other Mandatory Charges include
  • an India e-visa ($75 or $100, plus 2.5% fee)—which we purchase individually during a preparatory meeting
  • travel insurance (which ran about $180 per student last year)—which we purchase as a group, and
  • any vaccinations you choose to acquire (Routine vaccinations—MMR, DTP, chickenpox, polio and flu) are recommended whenever you travel. Hepatitis A and typhoid are also recommended. India currently does not have any mandatory vaccines.)

Applications and nonrefundable deposits ($250.00) are due by Friday, 28 September 2018. Passport information (to book flights) is due shortly thereafter. The remaining balance for Expenses and Other Mandatory Charges is due in the last week of October 2018. Tuition will be billed separately through the University system after course registration in late fall.

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