Course Options

Course Options

Students may participate in this special program under two regimes.

  • Either by enrolling in one of two three-credit courses--either ECO 435: Environmental Economics or ECO 460: Economic Growth and Development). [ECO 203: Principles of Micro—is a prerequisite for both three-credit classes.]
  • Or by enrolling in the one-credit course: ECO 498: Sustainability in Southern India (that is ‘purpose-built’ for this intersession). There are no prerequisites for this course.

This binary approach makes it possible for students who do not want or need the upper level economics course to participate, at a more affordable price. Students selecting the one-credit option will still participate in all lectures & field trips on site; but they will have a much smaller academic commitment before & after the trip. Both options satisfy the BWISE int’l requirement. And both upper level economics courses are also approved electives for the SEE minor.


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