Volume 10 (2001)

Volume 10, Number 1


Banks Crowd in Business Ethics? - An Indirect Evolutionary Analysis
Werner Güth

Economic Sources of Asymmetric Cross-Correlation Among Stock Returns 
Chih-Hsien Yu and Chunchi Wu

Information Content of Lock-up Provisions in Initial Public Offerings 
Nancy J. Mohan and Carl R. Chen

Currency Devaluation in an Open Shop Union 
Ching-chong Lai, Juin-jen Chang, and Wen-ya Chang

Valuation Of American CAC 40 Index Options And Wildcard Options 
Mondher Bellalah

The Government Spending and Private Consumption: A Panel Cointegration Analysis 
Tsung-wu Ho

Volume 10, Number 2


Globalization of the Labor Markets and Macroeconomic Equilibrium 
Athina Zervoyianni and George Agiomirgianakis

Some New Evidence on Exchange Rates, Capital Controls and European Union Financial Integration 
Mark J. Holmes

A Test of the Convergence Hypothesis: The OECD Experience 
Farhad Rassekh, Michael J. Panik and Bharat R. Kolluri

Hedging Downside Risk: Futures versus Options 
Donald Lien and Yiu Kuen Tse

Time-Varying Criteria for Monetary Integration: Evidence From the EMU 
Georgios Karras and Houston H. Stokes

Tests of Investor Cognizance Using Earnings Forecasts of North-American Analysts 
Richard Chung and Lawrence Kryzanowski

Volume 10, Number 3


The Immediacy Service of the Specialist as a Coordination Mechanism 
Abdullah Yavas

Mean Reversion in Asset Returns and Time Non-Separable Preferences 
Petr Zem ìk

Licensing vs. Innovation Incentives Under Uncertain Government Policies 
Tarun Kabiraj and Chun-Lei Yang

Daily Price Limits and Stock Price Behavior: Evidence From the Taiwan Stock Exchange 
Yen-Sheng Huang, Tze-Wei Fu and Mei-Chu Ke

Volume 10, Number 4


International Treaties on Trade and Global Pollution
Parkash Chander and M. Ali Khan

Internal Monitoring, Regulation, and Compensation of Top Executives in Banks
James S. Ang, Beni Lauterbach and Ben Z. Schreiber

Export Quality and Income Distribution in a Small Dependent Economy
Rajat Acharyya and Ronald W. Jones

Non-Linear Predictabilty of Stock Market Returns: Evidence from Non-Parametric and Threshold Models
David G. McMillan

Inflationary Finance, Capital Mobility, and Monetary Coordination and Monetary Coordination
David T. Owyong

Comparing Linear and NonLinear Forecasts for Stock Returns
Angelos Kanas and Andreas Yannopoulos

Even More on Monetary Policy in a Small Open Economy 
Carlos D. Ramirez

A Brief Retrospective Look at the International Review of Economics and Finance (1992-2001)
Kam C. Chan

Book Review
Globalization and the Theory of Input Trade
Ronald W. Jones
Reviewed by: Marla Ripoll