Volume 11 (2002)

Volume 11, Number 1


Globalization and Relative Wages: Further Evidence From U.S. Manufacturing Industries
Indro Dasgupta and Thomas Osang

Production Decisions in the Presence of Options: A Note
Kit Pong Wong

Financial Intermediation and Capital Investment with Costly Monitoring
Giorgio Di Giorgio

Inflation Uncertainty and Capital Structure Evidence From a Pooled Sample of the Dow-Jones Industrial Firms
Dimitris Hatzinikolaou, George M. Katsimbris, and Athanasios G. Noulas

Aggregate and Disaggregate Measures of the Foreign Exchange Risk Premium
Dionysios Chionis and Ronald MacDonald

The Effects of Bankruptcy Filings on the Competitors' Earnings
Zahid Iqbal

Imports and Exports in Fifty Countries: Tests of Cointegration and Structural Breaks
Augustine C. Arize

Volume 11, Number 2

The Long-Run Real Wage Rigidity and Full Employment Adjustment in The Classical Model
Ravi Batra

Dimensions of International Expansions by US Firms to China Wealth Effects Mode Selection and Firm-Specific Factors
Kimberly C. Gleason, Chun I. Lee, Ike Mathur

Competitive Non-Linear Pricing with Product Differntiation
Taeki Min, Sang Yon Kim, Changhoon Shin, and Minhi Hahn

An Examination of the Dynamic Behavior of Aggregate Bond and Stock Issues
Jinwoo Park and Catherine Shenoy

Dynamic Environmental Policy in Developing Countries with a Dual Economy
Dug Man Lee and Amitrajeet A. Batabyal

Foreign Exchange Rates and the Corporate Choice of Foreign Entry Mode
H. Young Baek and Chuck C.Y. Kwok

Volume 11, Number 3


Targeting Nominal Income Versus Targeting Price Level: A Target Zone Perspective
Chung-rou Fang and Ching-chong Lai

Measuring the Impacts of Cash Settlement: A Stochastic Volatility Approach
Leo Chan and Donald Lien

Trade and the Adoption of a Universal Language
E. Kwan Choi

The Impact of Government Intervention On Stock Returns: Evidence from Hong Kong
Yuli Su, Yewmun Yip and Rickie W. Wong

Multinational Corporations and Hedging Exchange Rate Exposure
Peter R. Crabb

Managerial Quality and the Structure of Management Expenses in the US Mutual Fund Industry
Michael K. Berkowitz and Yehuda Kotowitz


Option Valuation Under Stochastic Volatility with Mathematica Code
Alan L. Lewis
Reviewed by Donald Lien

Volume 11, Number 4


Price Bounds on Bond Options, Swaptions, Caps, and Floors Assuming Only Non-negative Interest Rates
Claus Munk

Testing the Purchasing Power Parity in Panel Data
Ru-Lin Chiu

Risk Aversion and Portfolio Allocation to Mutual Fund Classes
Theodore Syriopoulos

Real Interest Parity and Transaction Costs for the Group of Ten Countries
Mouawiya Al-Awad and Thomas J. Grennes

An Examination of the Economic Significance of Stock Return Predictablity in UK Stock Returns
Jonathan Fletcher and Joe Hillier

Technical Progress, Urban Unemployment,Outputs and Welfare Under Variable Returns to Scale
Jai-Young Choi, Eden S.H. Yu, and Jang C. Jin

The Demand for Imports in Italy: A Production Analysis
Lila J. Truett and Dale B. Truett


The Economics of International Trade and the Environment 
Amitrajeet A. Batabyal and Hamid Beladi