Volume 12 (2003)

Volume 12, Number 1


Private Information, Growth and Asset Prices With Stochastic Disturbances
Marcelo Bianconi

Downside Risk For Short and Long Hedgers
Riza Demirer and Donald Lien

Inflation, Financial Development, and Economic Growth
Fu-Sheng Hung

Risk-Adjusted , Ex Ante, Optimal Technical Trading Rules in Equity Markets
Christopher J. Neely

Market Efficiency, Purchasing Power Parity and The Official and Parallel Markets For Foreign Currency in Latin America
Panayiotis F. Diamandis

Has 1997 Asian Crisis Increased Information Flows Between International Markets?
Francisco Climent and Vicente Meneu


Institutional Investors, E. Philip Davis and Benn Steil
Reviewed by Reinhold P. Lamb

Volume 12, Number 2

A Theory of the Spatial Distribution of Foreign Direct Investment
Avik Chakrabarti

An Explanation of the Voltality Disparity Between the Domestic and Foreign Shares in the Chinese Stock Markets
Yan He, Chunchi Wu and Yea-Mow Chen

Re-Examination of the Predictability of Economic Acitivity Using the Yield Spread:
A Nonlinear Approach
Ioannis A. Venetis, Ivan Paya and David A. Peel

Calculation and Comparision of Delta-Neutral and Multiple-Greek Dynamic Hedge 
Returns Inclusive of Market Frictions
Thomas O. Meyer

International Involuntary Lending and Contingent Default Threat
Reza Oladi

Bank Moral Hazard and the Introduction of Official Deposit Insurance in Canada
Jean-Pierre Gueyle and Van Son Lai

Duopoly Quotas and Relative Import Quality
T. Randolph Beard and Henry Thompson

Volume 12, Number 3


Nonlinear Aspects of Capital Market Integration and Real Interest Rate Equalization
Barry K. Goodwin

Tests of Regime-Switching CAPM Under Price Limits
Ho-Chuan (River) Huang

An Empirical Investigation of Price and Exchange Rate Bubbles During the Inter-War
European Hyperinflations
Hing Lin Chan, Shu Kam Lee and Kai-Yin Woo

US Stock Prices and Macroeconomic Fundamentals
Angela Black, Patricia Fraser and Nicolaas Groenewold

Substitution Between Wages and On-the-Job Training in an Optimal Labor Contract
Ying Wu

Periodically Collapsing Bubbles in the US Stock Market
Martin T. Bohl

Transaction Costs, Arbitrage and Volatility Spillover: A Note
Rafael Santamaria

Volume 12, Number 4


Growth Accounting in the Open Economy: International Comparisons
Ulrich Kohli

Transaction vs. Economic Exposure: Which Has Greater Cash Flow Consequences?
Anna D. Martin and Laurence J. Mauer

The Fisher Effect: New Evidence and Implications
Magda Kandil and Yasser A.F. Fahmy

The Cost of Racially Equal Approval Rates in Mortgage Lending
W. Gary Simpson and Christopher L. Brown

Local Content Requirements and Urban Unemployment
Shigemi Yabuuchi and Gu Wei

Contract Settlement Specification and Price Discovery: Empirical Evidence in Australia Individual Share Futures Market
Donald Lien and Li Yang

Joint Outputs and Real Wage Rates
Ronald W. Jones

A Note on the Stability of Real Interest Rates in Australia
Bruce Felmingham