Volume 15 (2006)

Volume 15, Number 1


Strategic Noise Traders and Liquidity Pressure with a Physically Deliverable Futures Contract 
Christian Capuano

A Survey on Physical Delivery versus Cash Settlement in Futures Contracts:  The Performance of International Bond Funds 
Donald Lien and Yiu Kien Tse

On Derivatives and Information Costs 
Mondher Bellalah

An Empirical Comparison of Implied Tree Models for KOSPI 200 Index Options
In Joon Kim and Gan Youb Park

The Effects of Abandonment Options on Operating Leverage and Forward Hedging
Kit Pong Wong

On the Martingale Property of Economic and Financial Instruments
Fathali Firoozi

Long-Run Abnormal Performance Following Convertible Preference Share and Convertible Bond Issues: New Evidence from the UK
Abhay Abhyankar

A Reexamination of Fractional Integrating Dynamics in Foreign Currency Markets
Hyun J. Jin, John Elder, and Won W. Koo

Book Review

Evolutionary Dynamics and Extensive Form Games
edited by Ross Cressman, MIT Press, 2003
Reviewed by William Sandholm 

Volume 15, Number 2


Lender's risk incentive and debt concession 
Nobuyuki Isagawa

An empirical analysis of margin debt 
Dale L. Domian and Markie D. Racine

Nonlinear adjustment in the forward premium:  evidence from a threshold unit root test
Sofiane H. Sekioua

Foreign debt and financial hedging:  evidence from Australia
Hoa Nguyen, Robert Faff

The optimal pricing of computer software and other products with high switching costs
Pekka Ahtiala

Exchange-rate systems and interest-rate behavior:  The experience of Hong Kong and Singapore
Y.K. Tse, S.L. Yip

Can openness be an engine of sustained high growth rates and inflation? 
Jang C. Jin

The impact of federal funds target changes on interest rate volatility 
Jim Lee

A Note

A Note on Beneficial Emigration
Donald Lien

Volume 15, Number 3


Investment and deposit contracts under costly intermediation and aggregate volatility 
Pierre-Richard Agenor, Joshua Aizenman 

The effect of derivative trading on the underlying markets: Evidence from Canadian receipts trading 
Narat Charupat 

Sources of exchange-rate volatility: Impulses or propagation? 
Georgios Karras, Jin Man Lee, Houston Stokes 

A note on nonlinear dynamics in the Spanish term structure of interest rates 
Vicente Esteve 

An enhanced implied tree model for option pricing: A study on Hong Kong property stock options 
Eddie Chi-man Hui 

Local content requirement on foreign direct investment under exchange rate volatility 
Sajal Lahiri, Fernando Mesa 

Has the Asian crisis changed the role of foreign investors in emerging equity markets: Taiwan's experience 
Anchor Y. Lin 

Effect of subsidy and entry into the informal sector with interlinkage 
Malabika Roy