Volume 3 (1994)

Volume 3, Number 1

An American Call on the Difference of Two Assets
Petter Bjerksund and Gunnar Stensland

Dynamic Adjustments of Inventories and Money Balances in Non-Walrasian Economics
Chen-Min Hsu

Expected Returns and Volatility in European Stock Markets
Albert Corhay, Alireza Tourani Rad

Inflation Variability and Money Demand in Developing Countries
Joseph Deutsch and Ben-Zion Zilberfarb

International Diversification: New Evidence on Market Segmentation
Debra A. Glassman and Leigh A. Riddick

Production and Trade with Sector Specific International Capital
Henry Thompson

A Note on Reserve Requirements and Public Finance
Philippe Bacchetta and Ramon Caminal

A Note on the Implications of Traded Options on the Pricing of the Underlying Stock
Thomas Berglund and Staffan Ringbom

A Reply to "A Note on the Implications of Traded Options on the Pricing of the Underlying Stock"
Jin-Chuan Duan, Arthur F. Moreau, and C.W. Sealey

Book Review

Game Theory
D. Fudenburg and J. Tirole
Reviewed by Kislaya Prasad

Volume 3, Number 2

Evaluating a Neglected Dimension of Economic Development: Morality, Risk Aversion and Uncertainty
John A. Bishop, John P. Formby, and Lester A. Zeager

An Empirical Investigation of the Existence of Market Discipline of Off-Balance Sheet Banking Risk
M. Kabir Hassan

The Stability of Cournot Solution under Adaptive Expectation: A Further Generalization
Ferenc Szidarovszky, Stephen Rassenti, and Jerome Yen

Imperfect Information and Agency Cost Models: Further Empirical Tests
David Bernstein

Macroeconomic Policies, Exchange Rate Regimes and National Stock Markets
Vincent Dropsy and Fatemeh Nazarian-Ibrahimi

Dollar Value and Stock Returns
Hsing Fang and Jean C.H. Loo

A Note on the Newly Created Budapest Commodity Exchange
A. Murphy and Z. Sabov

Book Review

Dynamic Optimization. The Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control in Economics and Management
M. Kamien and N. Schwartz
Reviewed by Maria Luisa Petit

Volume 3, Number 3

Market Equilibrium and the CAPM in a Mean-Generalized Coefficient of Variation Economy
Glenn W. Boyle

Risk, Leverage, Donations and Dividends in Kind: A Theory of Nonprofit Financial Behavior
Gerard J. Wedig

The Information Content of Central Bank Discount Rates Changes: An International Comparison
Vittorio Bonomo, Stephen P. Ferris, and Robert E. Lamy

On the Game-Theoretic Modeling of Hierarchical Decision-Making
Ruvin Gekker

A Note on Speculative Versus Arbitrage Opportunities from Index Futures Mispricing: Some Canadian Evidence
Richard Deaves

A Test of Calendar Seasonalities in Stock Market Risk Implied from Index Futures Options
Giovanni Barone-Adesi and Don Cyr

Inflation Uncertainty, Employment and Wage for Canada
Subarna K. Samanta and Thomas P. Breslin

Book Review

Technology Transfer in International Business
T. Agmon and M.A. Von Glinow
Reviewed by Jian-Ye Wang

International Political Economy: Perspectives on Global Power and Wealth
J. Frieden and D. Lake
Reviewed by Basudeb Biswas

Volume 3, Number 4

Exchange Restrictions and Devaluation Crises
Pierre-Richard Ag‚nor

Dividend Predicting using Put-Call Parity
Raymond M. Brooks

A Rational Foundation for Wishful Exchange Rate Forecasts
Steven R. Beckman

Baltic Freight Futures: Random Walk or Seasonally Predictable?
Karen Craft Denning, William B. Riley, and Jeffrey P. DeLooze

The Impact of Trading Restrictions on the Informational Relationships between Cash, Futures, and Options Markets
Li-Ming Han and Lalatendu Misra

Foreign Output and Price Shocks and Macroeconomic Activity in Korea
Jang C. Jin and W. Douglas McMillin

A Note on Uncertainty, Liquidity, and Stock Prices
Marcelo Bianconi

Book Review

Banks, Borrowers and the Establishment: A Revisionist Account of the International Debt Crisis
Karin Lissakers
Reviewed by V. Murinde