Volume 7 (1998)

Volume 7, Number 1


Semiflexibility vs. Flexibility: U.S. Imports and Exports by Commodity Group
Ulrich Kohli

Financial Markets with Asymmetric Information: An Expository Review of Seminal Models
Kavous Ardalan

The Empirical Relationship Between Trade, Growth and the Environment
Lewis R. Gale and Jose A. Mendez

Dynamic Relations Among International Stock Markets
Chunchi Wu and Yong-Chern Su

Developing Countries and International Environmental Agreements: The Case of Perfect Correlation
Amitrajeet A. Batabyal

The Distribution of Transaction Intervals in Common Stock Trading
Daesung Ha and S. J. Chang

Temporal Causality and the Inflation - Productivity Relationship: Evidence from Eight Low Inflation OECD Countries
George Hondroyiannis and Evangelia Papapetrou

Book Review

by Larry Samuelson Reviewed by Amitrajeet A. Batabyal

Volume 7, Number 2


Creating Value 
Klaus Hellwig

The Relative Mispricing of the Constant VarianceAmerican Put Model 
Louis Culumovic, Steve Hadjiyannakis and Robert Welch

Non-discriminatory Access Pricing for Multiple Entrants
Jae-Cheol Kim and Hyeon-Mo Ku

Mean Reversion Behavior of the Returns on Currency Assets
Son-Nan Chen and Kisuk Jeon

Size of the Government, Welfare and Labour Supply in the Presence of Variable Returns 
Sajid Anwar

Shareholder Wealth Effects of Free Trade: U.S. and Mexican Stock Market Response to NAFTA 
Robert C. Hanson and Moon H. Song

The Incidence and Effects of Macroeconomic Disturbances Under Alternative Exchange Rate Systems: Evidence Since the Classical Gold Standard
Selahattin Dibooglu

Book Review

Anna D. Martin

Volume 7, Number 3


Export and Hedging Decision With State-Dependent Utility 
Udo Broll and Bernhard Eckwert

TED Tandems: Arbitrage Restrictions and the US Treasury Bill/Eurodollar Futures Spread
Geoffrey Poitras

To Liberalise or not to Liberalise an LDC-market with an inefficient incumbent 
Rajat Acharyya and Sugata Marjit

Pricing System and the Initial Public Offerings Markets: A Case of Singapore 
Swee-Sum Lam and Winnie Yap

A Trinomial Option Pricing Model Dependent on Skewness and Kurtosis 
Yisong Tian

Risk Market Innovations and Choice 
David A. Hennessy

On the Duration of Growth Cycles: An International Study
Ali Abderrezak


Amitrajeet A. Batabyal

Volume 7, Number 4


Monetary Policy under Flexible Exchange Rates: When is Expansion Contradictionary?
Pekka Ahtiala

The Interaction of Investment and Financing Decisions under Moral Hazard
Michael H. Anderson and Alexandros P. Prezas

On the Irrelevance of Collusion in Perfectly Correlated Environments
Amitrajeet A. Batabyal

Option Pricing with Stochastic Volatility Following a Finite Markov Chain
Chen Guo

The Long-Run Relationship Between Import Flows and Real Exchange-Rate Volatility: The Experience of Eight European Economies
A. C. Arize

Oil Crises and Sovereign Debtþs Private Financing
Edward H. Chow

A Dependent Economy Model of Public Expenditure and the Exchange Rate
Anthony J. Makin

The Relation Between the Informational Content of Implied Volatility and Arbitrage Costs: Evidence from the Oslo Stock Exchange
Parvez Ahmed and Steve Swidler


Michael Magill and Martine Quinzii
Meenakshi Rajeev