Volume 17 (2008)

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Issue 1

Editorial Board
Page IFC

On the inflation-uncertainty hypothesis in Jordan, Philippines and Turkey: A long memory approach
Pages 1-12

Informed trading, noise trading and the cost of equity
Pages 13-32
Philippe Grégoire, Hui Huang

Exchange-rate volatility in Latin America and its impact on foreign trade
Pages 33-44
Augustine C. Arize, Thomas Osang, Daniel J. Slottje

Strategic trading against retail investors with loss-aversion
Pages 45-55
Jouahn Nam, Jun Wang, Ge Zhang

Symmetry, proportionality and the purchasing power parity: Evidence from panel cointegration tests
Pages 56-65

Substituting a substitute currency
Pages 66-84
Kari Heimonen

Central banks and ambiguity
Pages 85-102
Willy Spanjers

Key international trade theorems and large shocks
Pages 103-112

Heterogeneity, adverse selection and valuation with endogenous labor supply
Pages 113-126
Marcelo Bianconi

Competition, technology, and trade in oligopolistic industries
Pages 127-137
Morihiro Yomogida

Firm performance, asset acquisition and the method of controlling rights transfer: Evidence from the Chinese market
Pages 138-149
Yunxia Bai, Shaw K. Chen, Bing-Xuan Lin, Liansheng Wu

Is there a tradeoff between average patent pendency and examination errors?
Pages 150-158
Amitrajeet A. Batabyal, Peter Nijkamp

Bank lending, credit shocks, and the transmission of Canadian monetary policy
Pages 159-176
Joseph Atta-Mensah, Ali Dib

Issue 2

Editorial Board
Page IFC

Special Section

Market Microstructure and Implications for Regulatory Policies
Pages 177-178
Kee H. Chung

Commonality under market stress: Evidence from an order-driven market
Pages 179-196
Paul Brockman, Dennis Y. Chung

Relative performance of trading halts and price limits: Evidence from the Spanish Stock Exchange
Pages 197-215
Yong H. Kim, José Yagüe, J. Jimmy Yang

The speed of adjustment to information: Evidence from the Chinese stock market
Pages 216-229
Thomas C. Chiang, Edward Nelling, Lin Tan

Lockup expiration, insider selling and bid–ask spreads
Pages 230-244

Open volume and time to open on option-expiration days
Pages 245-257
W. Paul Spurlin, Bonnie F. Van Ness, Robert A. Van Ness

Inter-broker trades and return performance on the Toronto stock exchange
Pages 258-268
Howard B. Nemiroff, Zhaohui Zhang, Victor A. Escobar

Regular Articles

Nonstationarity in real exchange rates using unit root tests with a level shift at unknown time
Pages 269-278
Ata Assaf

Do macroeconomic variables matter for pricing default risk?
Pages 279-291

Financial system structure and economic growth: Structure matters
Pages 292-305
O. Emre Ergungor

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions using ADRs as consideration
Pages 306-318
James E. Owers, Bing-Xuan Lin, Ronald C. Rogers

Strategic trading when some investors receive information before others
Pages 319-332

Growth may be good for the poor, but decline is disastrous: On the non-robustness of the Dollar–Kraay result
Pages 333-338
Richard Ashley

Book Reviews

Investors and Markets, M.J. Gruber
Page 339

An introduction to the structural econometrics of auction data
Pages 340-341

Measuring the restrictiveness of international trade policy, James E. Anderson and J. Peter Neary.
Page 342
Rod Falvey

Living standards and the wealth of nations: Successes and failures in real convergence
Pages 343-344

Issue 3

Editorial Board
Page IFC

Fundamental pitfalls of exchange market pressure-based approaches to identification of currency crises
Pages 345-365

Volatility trade-offs in exchange rate target zones
Pages 366-379
Ching-chong Lai, Chung-rou Fang, Juin-jen Chang

The Feldstein–Horioka puzzle across EU members: Evidence from the ARDL bounds approach and panel data
Pages 380-387

Non-competing factor groups and the normative propositions of trade theory
Pages 388-390
Murray Kemp

Hedging effectiveness comparisons: A note
Pages 391-396

Extreme daily changes in U.S. Dollar London inter-bank offer rates
Pages 397-411
Tim Krehbiel, Lee C. Adkins

The comovement between monetary and fiscal policy instruments during the post-war period in the U.S.
Pages 412-424

Bank lending and the stock market's response to monetary policy shocks
Pages 425-435
Johann Scharler

Choice of exchange rate regime and currency zones
Pages 436-456

Canadian stock market multiples and their predictive content
Pages 457-466
Richard Deaves, Peter Miu, C. Barry White

Financial market integration, labor markets, and macroeconomic policies
Pages 467-476

Friction model and foreign exchange market intervention
Pages 477-489
Jongbyung Jun

Book Reviews

Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey , From Corn Laws to Free Trade: Interests, Ideas, and Institutions in Historical Perspective, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass (2006), p. 426 $47.50.
Pages 490-491

Takatoshi Ito and Andrew K. Rose, Editors, Monetary Policy with Very Low Inflation in the Pacific Rim, NBER — East Asia Seminar on Economics Vol. 15, The University of Chicago Press (2006).
Pages 492-494
Hiro Ito

Issue 4

Factor mobility, wage inequality and welfare
Pages 495-506
Sajid Anwar

Financial interdependence between Hong Kong and the US: A band spectrum approach
Pages 507-516
Leo Chan, Donald Lien, Wenlong Weng

Factor growth and equalized factor prices
Pages 517-528
E. Kwan Choi

Large outside blockholders as monitors: Evidence from partial acquisitions
Pages 529-545

Domestic and foreign influences on Canadian prices
Pages 546-557
John R. Baldwin, Beiling Yan

Does rating help microfinance institutions raise funds? Cross-country evidence
Pages 558-571
Valentina Hartarska, Denis Nadolnyak

Currency crisis contagion and the identification of transmission channels
Pages 572-588

Banking crisis and financial structure: A survival-time analysis
Pages 589-602
Ayşe Y. Evrensel

Lost protection and wages: Some time series evidence for the US
Pages 603-606
Cassandra Copeland, Henry Thompson

The level and composition of tax revenue in developing countries: Evidence from unbalanced panel data
Pages 607-617

Distributive manipulations and political stability: A theoretical analysis
Pages 618-628
Rongili Biswas, Sugata Marjit

Asset allocation with differential borrowing and lending rates
Pages 629-643

Do nominal devaluations lead to real devaluations? Evidence from 89 countries
Pages 644-670
Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, Scott W. Hegerty, Ali M. Kutan

Book Reviews

Ann Harrison, Editor, Globalization and poverty, NBER (2007).
Pages 671-672

Strategic new product development for the global economy
Pages 673-674
Bernard Taylor

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