Volume 18 (2009)

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Issue 1

Special Section

Foreign direct investment: An overview of issues
Pages 1-2
Sajal Lahiri

The choice of market entry mode: Greenfield investment, M&A and joint venture
Pages 3-10
Horst Raff, Michael Ryan, Frank Stähler

Entry strategies into China: The choice between Joint Ventures and Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises: An application to the Italian manufacturing sector
Pages 11-19
Maria Elena Bontempi, Giorgio Prodi

Location choice, competition, and welfare in non-tradable service FDI
Pages 20-25
Hiroshi Kurata, Takao Ohkawa, Makoto Okamura

Merger and acquisition FDI, relative wealth and relative access to bank credit: Evidence from a bivariate zero-inflated count model
Pages 26-30
Woon-Yee Ho, Peiming Wang, Joseph D. Alba

Foreign direct investment, tax competition and social expenditure
Pages 31-37
Holger Görg, Hassan Molana, Catia Montagna

International joint ventures and tax competition in an integrated market
Pages 38-44
Litao Zhong, Sajal Lahiri

Multinationals and plant exit: Evidence from Chile
Pages 45-51
Roberto Alvarez, Holger Görg

The impact of multinational entry on domestic market structure and investment
Pages 52-62
Stefanie A. Haller

Brotherhood of competition: Foreign Direct Investment and domestic mergers
Pages 63-69
Ozgur M. Kayalica, Rafael S. Espinosa-Ramirez

Regular Articles

Trade theorems in a model of vertical production chain
Pages 70-80
Yan Ma

What determines the level of IPO gross spreads? Underwriter profits and the cost of going public
Pages 81-109
Björn Bartling, Andreas Park

A note on the hedging effectiveness of GARCH models
Pages 110-112
Donald Lien

Capital specificity, imperfect labor mobility and growth in developing economies
Pages 113-122
John Gilbert, Reza Oladi

Stackelberg financial-leader in insider trading model
Pages 123-131
Leonard F.S. Wang, Ya-Chin Wang, Shuang Ren

Idiosyncratic risk matters! A regime switching approach
Pages 132-141
Timotheos Angelidis, Nikolaos Tessaromatis

Re-examining the exchange rate pass-through into import prices using non-linear estimation techniques: Threshold cointegration
Pages 142-161
Almukhtar S. Al-Abri, Barry K. Goodwin

The effects of abandonment options on operating leverage and investment timing
Pages 162-171
Kit Pong Wong

Book Reviews

A review of capital controls and capital flows in emerging economies: Policies practices and consequences. Edited by: Sebastian Edwards.
Pages 172-174
Anella Munro

Review on optimization methods in finance by Gerard Cornuejols and Reha Tütücü.
Pages 175-176
Yuying Li

Review on “Debt Defaults and Lessons from a Decade of Crises” by Federico Sturzenegger and Jeromin Zettelmeyer.
Pages 177-178
Guido Sandleris

Issue 2

Special Section

Research in trade: Where do we go from here?
Pages 179-180
Kala Krishna

Is protection really for sale? A survey and directions for future research
Pages 181-191
Susumu Imai, Hajime Katayama, Kala Krishna

Learning about reform: Time-varying support for structural adjustment
Pages 192-206
Laura Veldkamp

Trade costs and foreign direct investment
Pages 207-218
J. Peter Neary

Foreign versus domestic outsourcing: Firm-level evidence on the role of technology
Pages 219-226
Eiichi Tomiura

Skill acquisition, credit constraints, and trade
Pages 227-238
Tatyana Chesnokova, Kala Krishna

Hicks theorem: Effects of technological improvement in the Ricardian model
Pages 239-247
Jiandong Ju, Xuebing Yang

Regular Articles

Bubbles or convenience yields? A theoretical explanation with evidence from technology company equity carve-outs
Pages 248-281
Vicki Bogan

International Factor Price Equalization in a limited-substitutability technology framework
Pages 282-289
Erkko Etula

Expiration-day effects: Does settlement price matter?
Pages 290-300
Shu-Fan Hsieh, Tai Ma

Financial intermediaries as facilitators of information exchange between lenders and reputation formation by borrowers
Pages 301-305
Arthur Fishman

Application of hidden Markov switching moving average model in the stock markets: Theory and empirical evidence
Pages 306-317
Shih-Kuei Lin, Shin-Yun Wang, Pei-Ling Tsai

When is money neutral under flexible exchange rates?
Pages 318-326
Pekka Ahtiala

Market moves and the information content of option prices
Pages 327-340
Michael L. McIntyre, David Jackson

The Feldstein–Horioka puzzle revisited: Is the home-bias much less?
Pages 341-350
George Georgopoulos, Walid Hejazi

Real interest rates, inflation and the open economy: A regime-switching perspective on Australia and New Zealand
Pages 351-360
Mark J. Holmes, Richard Dutu, Xiaoman Cui

Book Review

The new comparative economic history: Cliometrics goes global .T.J. Hatton, K.H. O'Rourke and A.M. Taylor, Editors, The new comparative economic history: Essays in honor of Jeffrey Williamson, MIT Press (2007).
Page 361
Ronald Findlay

Issue 3

Introduction to the special issue of IREF on macroeconomics of Asia

Pages 363-365
David E. Cook, Michael B. Devereux

Special Section

Systemic financial distress and auction-based bankruptcy reorganization
Pages 366-380
Donald B. Hausch, S. Ramachandran

“Expiration hour effect of futures and options markets on stock market” — A case study on NSE (National Stock Exchange of India)
Pages 381-391
Hiren M. Maniar, Rajesh Bhatt, Dharmesh M. Maniyar

Does financial liberalization matter for emerging East Asian economies growth? Some new evidence
Pages 392-403
Saoussen Ben Gamra

Business cycle and inflation synchronisation in Mainland China and Hong Kong
Pages 404-418
Petra Gerlach-Kristen

PPP: Further evidence from Japanese regional data
Pages 419-427
Jun Nagayasu, Noriko Inakura

The fading 1990s in Japan: Driving forces behind the unemployment upsurge
Pages 428-439
Pablo Agnese, Hector Sala

Real interest rate linkages in the Pacific-Basin region
Pages 440-448
Philip Inyeob Ji, Jae H. Kim

The puzzling dual of the uncovered interest parity puzzle evidence from Pacific Rim capital flows
Pages 449-456
David Cook

A simple model of emerging market portfolio structure
Pages 457-468
Michael B. Devereux

Regular Articles

The effects of portfolio size on international equity home bias puzzle
Pages 469-478
Jinlan Ni

Economies of scale and trade policy: The median voter model revisited
Pages 479-487
Daron O. Djerdjian

Volatility of capital flows and financial liberalization: Do specific flows respond differently?
Pages 488-501
Rebecca M. Neumann, Ron Penl, Altin Tanku

Optimum currency area in South Asia: A state space approach
Pages 502-510
Nilanjan Banik, Basudeb Biswas, Keith R. Criddle

Do realized betas exhibit up/down market tendencies?
Pages 511-519
George Woodward, Robert Brooks

Do insiders have inside tracks: An examination of Wall Street Journal's Inside Track columns?
Pages 520-530
Yulong Ma, Huey-Lian Sun, Alex P. Tang

Book Reviews

Review of foreign direct investment: Analysis of aggregate flows by Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka.
Pages 531-532
Kent P. Kimbrough

Review of “Globalization and Egalitarian Redistribution” .Pranab Bardhan, Samuel Bowles and Michael Wallerstein, Editors, Princeton University Press (2006).
Pages 533-534
Arjun Jayadev

Arvind Panagariya , Review of India: The Emerging Giant, Oxford University Press, New York (2008), p. 514 xxx.
Pages 535-536
Nirvikar Singh

Power and plenty: Trade, war, and the world economy in the second millennium, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey (2008) $39.50, 624 pages.
Pages 537-538
Farhad Rassekh

Issue 4

Regular Articles

Strategic interoperability standards and trade taxes
Pages 539-551
Mikhail M. Klimenko

The legal environment and corporate valuation: Evidence from cross-border takeovers
Pages 552-567
David R. Kuipers, Darius P. Miller, Ajay Patel

The theory of fiat money and private money as alternative media of exchange
Pages 568-582
Yan Li

Investigating business cycle asymmetry for the G7 countries: Evidence from over a century of data
Pages 583-591
Paresh Kumar Narayan, Stephan Popp

Small trades and volatility increases after stock splits
Pages 592-610
Chun-nan Chen, Chunchi Wu

Labor market effects of international outsourcing: How measurement matters
Pages 611-623
Daniel Horgos

Forecasting in efficient bond markets: Do experts know better?
Pages 624-630
Hamid Baghestani

Urban informal sector and poverty
Pages 631-642
Saibal Kar, Sugata Marjit

Managerial flexibility, uncertainty, and corporate investment: The real options effect
Pages 643-655
Feixue Xie

Is there any common knowledge news in the Euro/Dollar market?
Pages 656-670
Walid Ben Omrane, Andréas Heinen

Where does return and volatility come from? The case of Asian ETFs
Pages 671-679
Jose A. Gutierrez, Valeria Martinez, Yiuman Tse

Competition for foreign direct investment: The role of technology and market structure
Pages 680-690
Qian Hao, Sajal Lahiri

Energy prices, energy conservation, and economic growth: Evidence from the postwar United States
Pages 691-699
Jang C. Jin, Jai-Young Choi, Eden S.H. Yu

Book Reviews

Review of Bhagwati, Jagdish (2008), Termites in the Trading System: How Preferential Agreements Undermine Free Trade, Oxford University Press.
Pages 700-701
Devashish Mitra

R. Neck and J. Sturm, Editors, Sustainability of public debt, MIT Press, Cambridge (2008) 271 pp..
Pages 701-702
Peter Claeys

Monetary Policy, Inflation, and the Business Cycle: An Introduction to the New Keynesian Framework By Jordi Gali, Princeton Press.
Pages 702-703
Edgar A. Ghossoub

International Financial Issues in the Pacific Rim Global Imbalances, Financial Liberalization, and Exchange Rate Policy (Edited by Takatoshi Ito, Andrew K. Rose).
Pages 703-704
Yiuman Tse

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