Volume 20 (2011)

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Volume 20 - Issue 1 - January 2011

The emerging global financial architecture and exchange rate regimes in a volatile world
Pages 1-4
Joshua Aizenman, (Co-editor), Michael Hutchison, (co-editors)

International reserves and swap lines: Substitutes or complements?
Pages 5 - 18
Aizenman, J.; Jinjarak, Y.; Park, D.

Accumulation of reserves and keeping up with the Joneses: The case of LATAM economies
Pages 19-31
Cheung, Y.W.; Sengupta, R.

The exchange rate regime in Asia: From crisis to crisis
Pages 32-43
Patnaik, I.; Shah, A.; Sethy, A.; Balasubramaniam, V.

Crisis and self-fulfilling expectations: The Turkish experience in 1994 and 2000-2001
Pages 44-58
Tamgac, U

The illusive quest: Do international capital controls contribute to currency stability?
Pages 59-70
Glick, R.; Hutchison, M.

Foreign output shocks, monetary rules and macroeconomic volatilities in small open economies
Pages 71-81
Alba, J.D.; Su, Z.; Chia, W.M.

Structural change, savings and current account balance
Pages 82-94
Sun, Y.

Markets contagion during financial crisis: A regime-switching approach
Pages 95-109
Guo, F.; Chen, C.R.; Huang, Y.S.

Jumps in foreign exchange rates and stochastic unwinding of carry trades
Pages 110-127
Nirei, M.; Sushko, V.

Volume 20 - Issue 2 - April 2011

Introduction to Heckscher-Ohlin theory: A modern approach
Pages 129-130
Fisher, E.O'N.

From great depression to great recession
Pages 131-134
Vanek, J.

The Heckscher-Ohlin model and the network structure of international trade
Pages 135-145
Baskaran, T.; Blochl, F.; Bruck, T.; Theis, F.J.

Empirical foundations for the resurrection of Heckscher-Ohlin theory
Pages 146-156
Egger, P.; Marshall, K.G.; Fisher, E.O'N.

The factor content of regional bilateral trade: The role of technology and demand
Pages 157-172
Artal-Tur, A.; Castillo-Gimenez, J.; Llano-Verduras, C.; Requena-Silvente, F.

The domestic content of imports and the foreign content of exports
Pages 173-184
Reimer, J.J.

Estimating the Heckscher-Ohlin model: Inverting the inverse matrix
Pages 185-192
Thompson, H.

The gains from trade revisited
Pages 193-201
Soo, K.T.

Heckscher-Ohlin theory when countries have different technologies
Pages 202-210
Fisher, E.O'N.

Employment effects of foreign acquisition
Pages 211-224
Bandick, R.; Karpaty, P.

Ownership, competition, and bank productivity: An analysis of Indian banking in the post-reform period
Pages 225-247
Sanyal, P.; Shankar, R.

EU-GCC free trade agreement: Adjustments in a factors proportion model for the UAE
Pages 248-256
Toledo, H.

Further evidence on purchasing power parity and country characteristics
Pages 257-266
Wu, J.L.; Cheng, S.Y.; Hou, H.

An empirical investigation of monetary interaction in the Korean economy
Pages 267-280
Choo, H.G.; Kurita, T.

Utilizing financial market information in forecasting real growth, inflation and real exchange rate
Pages 281-301
Junttila, J.; Korhonen, M.

Stock market reaction to dividend announcements: Evidence from the Greek stock market
Pages 302-311
Dasilas, A.; Leventis, S.

Do liquidity and sampling methods matter in constructing volatility indices? Empirical evidence from Taiwan
Pages 312-324
Tzang, S.W.; Hung, C.H.; Wang, C.W.; Shyu, D.S.D.

Mergers and capital flight in unionised oligopolies: Is there scope for a ''national champion'' policy?
Pages 325-341
Lommerud, K.E.; Meland, F.; Straume, O.R.

Forecasting exchange rates: The multi-state Markov-switching model with smoothing
Pages 342-362
Yuan, C


The Euro: The First Decade
Pages 363-364
Kenen, P.B.

Monetary Economics in Globalized Financial Markets
Pages 364
Bhattacharya, J.

Volume 20 - Issue 3 - June 2011

Institutional characteristics and market impediments in Asian capital markets: An introduction
Pages 365-366
Chan, K.C.; Fung, H.G.; Tay, N.S.P.

IPO underpricing: A social comparison perspective
Pages 367-375
Chang, C.H.

An analysis of Japanese earnings forecast revisions with application to seasoned equity offerings
Pages 376-387
Caton, G.L.; Chan, J.S.P.; Goh, J.; Yang, S.Y.

Listings from the emerging economies: An opportunity for reputable stock exchanges
Pages 388-394
Tay, N.S.P.; Oladi, R.

Are social, financial, and human capital value enhancing? Evidence from Taiwanese firms
Pages 395-405
Doong, S.C.; Fung, H.G.; Wu, J.Y.

Adverse selection and corporate governance
Pages 406-420
Charoenwong, C.; Ding, D.K.; Siraprapasiri, V.

Insider trading returns and dividend signals
Pages 421-429
Cheng, L.T.W.; Davidson, W.N.; Leung, T.Y.

Modeling the fat tails in Asian stock markets
Pages 430-440
Kittiakarasakun, J.; Tse, Y.

The impact of sovereign risk on bond duration: Evidence from Asian sovereign bond markets
Pages 441-451
Lee, H.W.; Xie, Y.A.; Yau, J.

Determinants of futures contract success: Empirical examinations for the Asian futures markets
Pages 452-458
Hung, M.W.; Lin, B.H.; Huang, Y.C.; Chou, J.H.

Momentum and reversals in Taiwan index futures returns during periods of extreme trading imbalance
Pages 459-467
Kao, E.H.

Volume 20 - Issue 4 - October 2011

Commodities and financial variables: Analyzing relationships in a changing regime environment
Pages 469-484
Bhar, R.; Hammoudeh, S.

Predicting foreign exchange movements using historic deviations from PPP
Pages 485-497
Mei Qiu, John F. Pinfold, Lawrence C. Rose

Eurocurrency interest rate linkages: A frequency domain analysis
Pages 498-505
Cetin Ciner

The dynamics of market structure and firm-level adjustment to India's pro-market economic liberalizing reforms, 1988–2006: A Time Varying Panel Smooth Transition Regression (TV-PSTR) approach
Pages 506-519
Nan Geng

Monetary policy announcements and stock price dynamics in a small open economy
Pages 520-531
Chi-Chur Chao, Shih-Wen Hu, Meng-Yi Tai, Vey Wang

Terrorism and capital markets: The effects of the Madrid and London bomb attacks
Pages 532-541
Christos Kollias, Stephanos Papadamou, Apostolos Stagiannis

The effects of imperfect auditing on managerial compensation
Pages 542-548
Angelo Baglioni, Luca Columbo 

A welfare analysis of tariffs and equivalent quotas under demand uncertainty: Implications for tariffication
Pages 549-561
Hung-Yi Chen, Yang-Ming Chang, Jiunn-Rong Chiou

Does corporate board downsizing increase shareholder value? Evidence from Japan
Pages 562-573
Konari Uchida 

Asymmetric output growth effects of government spending: Cross-sectional and panel data evidence
Pages 574-590
Mahmoud Wahab

Volatility forecasting of exchange rate by quantile regression
Pages 591-606
Alex YiHou Huang, Sheng-Pen Peng, Fangjhy Li, Ching-Jie Ke

Semivariance decomposition of country-level returns
Pages 607-623
Steven L. Beach

Herding with costly information and signal extraction
Pages 624-632
Wan-Ru Yang

Optimal executive compensation: Stock options or restricted stocks
Pages 633-644
Yan Wendy Wu

Effects of structural changes on the risk characteristics of REIT returns
Pages 645-653
Pei-Shan Wu, Chien-Ming Huang, Chien-Liang Chiu

The dynamic dependence between the Chinese market and other international stock markets: A time-varying copula approach
Pages 654-664
Kehluh Wang, Yi-Hsuan Chen, Szu-Wei Huang

Income distribution and exchange in a dynamic search model
Pages 665-678
Ensar Yilmaz, Burak Ünveren

The term structure of interest rates, the expectations hypothesis and international financial integration: Evidence from Asian economies
Pages 679-689
Mark J. Holmes, Jesús Otero, Theodore Panagiotidis

Does market misvaluation drive post-acquisition underperformance in stock deals?
Pages 690-706
Hsuan-Chu Lin, Ting-Kai Chou, Jia-Chi Cheng

An application of a new seasonal unit root test to inflation
Pages 707-716
Paresh Kumar Narayan, Stephan Popp

Dynamic correlation analysis of financial contagion: Evidence from the Central and Eastern European markets
Pages 717-732
Manolis N. Syllignakis, Georgios P. Kouretas

Investment banks' stock ratings, call warrant issuance, and responses from heterogeneous investors: Evidence from Taiwan
Pages 733-743
Chih-Hsiang Chang, Kam C. Chan

Interest rate rules and macroeconomic stability with transaction costs
Pages 744-749
Wen-ya Chang, Hsueh-fang Tsai, Juin-jen Chang

On the risk premium in Nordic electricity futures prices
Pages 750-763
Julio J. Lucia, Hipòlit Torró

International diversification and industry-related labor income risk
Pages 764-783
Carolina Fugazza, Maela Giofré, Giovanna Nicodano

Banks' risk race: A signaling explanation
Pages 784-791
Damien Besancenot, Randu Vranceanu

To integrate with a high- or low-wage country: That is the question
Pages 792-799
E. Kwan Choi

The real exchange rate determination: An empirical investigation
Pages 800-811
Wong Hock Tsen

Emerging dual channel system and manufacturer's direct retail channel strategy
Pages 812-825
Se-Hak Chun, Byong-Duk Rhee, Seong Y. Park, Jae-Cheol Kim

The determinants of exchange settlement practices and the implication of volatility smile: Evidence from the Taiwan Futures Exchange
Pages 826-838
Wen Ming Szu, Ming-Chun Wang, Wan-Ru Yang

Purchasing power parity for fifteen Latin American countries: Stationary test with a Fourier function
Pages 839 - 845

Chi-Wei Su, Chang Tsangyao, Hsu-Ling Chang


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Pages 846 - 847
Amitrajeet A. Batabyal

Review of Barry Eichengreen, Exorbitant Privilege. Oxford University Press (2011)
Pages 847 - 849.
Peter B. Kenen

Offshoring of American Jobs: What Response from U.S. Economic Policy?, Benjamin M. Friedman (Ed.). The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA (2009
Pages 849 - 850
Farhad Rassekh

Modeling ordered choices: A primer, William H. Greene, David A. Hensher. Cambridge University Press (2010)
Pages 850 - 851
Edward C. Norton


Corrigendum to ‘Stock market reaction to dividend announcements: Evidence from the Greek stock market’ [Int. Rev. Econ. Finance 20 (2011) 3
Pages 852
Apostolos Dasilas, Stergios Leventis

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