Volume 23 (June 2012)

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Volume 23 - Complete (June, 2012)

Globalization and labor markets
Pages 1 - 4
Mitra, D.

A model of globalization and firm-worker matching: How good is good enough?
Pages 5 - 15 
Davidson, C.; Matusz, S.J.

Trade liberalization, unemployment, and inequality with endogenous job destruction
Pages 16 - 29
Ranjan, P.

Endogenous labor market institutions in an open economy
Pages 30 - 45
Felbermayr, G.J.; Larch, M.; Lechthaler, W.

Offshoring, wages and the growing skill gap: Advocating offshoring without sectoral reallocation
Pages 46 - 58
Bakhtiari, S.

Does deeper integration enhance spatial advantages? Market access and wage growth in China
Pages 59 - 74
Kamal, F.; Lovely, M.E.; Ouyang, P.

Modeling the effect of macroeconomic factors on corporate default and credit rating transitions
Pages 87 - 105
Figlewski, S.; Frydman, H.; Liang, W

The effects of trade and services liberalization on wage inequality in India
Pages 75 - 90
Mehta, A.; Hasan, R.

Import protection, exports and labor-demand elasticities: Evidence from Korea
Pages 91 - 109
Mitra, D.; Shin, J.

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