Volume 26 (April 2013)

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Volume 26 - Complete (April 2013)

International trade and macroeconomics: Introduction
Pages 1 - 3
Bergin, P.R.; Ghironi, F.

All banks great, small, and global: Loan pricing and foreign competition
Pages 4 - 24
de Blas, B.; Russ, K.N.

Financial frictions, trade credit, and the 2008-09 global financial crisis
Pages 25 - 38
Coulibaly, B.; Sapriza, H.; Zlate, A.

Financial shocks and exports
Pages 39 - 55
Feng, L.; Lin, C.Y.

Investment, trade openness and foreign direct investment: Social capability matters
Pages 56 - 59
Kim, D.H.; Lin, S.C.; Suen, Y.B.

Price dispersion and the euro: Micro heterogeneity and macro implications
Pages 70 - 86
Martin, J.; Mejean, I.

Buy National or Buy International? The optimal design of government spending in an open economy
Pages 87 - 108
Larch, M.; Lechthaler, W.

International business cycle co-movement and vertical specialization reconsidered in multistage Bayesian DSGE model
Pages 109 - 124
Wong, C.Y.; Eng, Y.K.

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