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Elevator Pitch Tips

Watch these videos for some basic advice on improving the oral portion of your Elevator Pitch. (Hint: Practice!)

Make Your Elevator Pitch Perfect - Introduction
Make Your Elevator Pitch Perfect - Step One
Make Your Elevator Pitch Perfect - Step Two
Make Your Elevator Pitch Perfect - Step Three
Make Your Elevator Pitch Perfect - Step Four

More questions?

Below are a series of slides that you may find helpful in answering your questions. Start by taking a look at the presentation shown at the UDBPC kickoff/informational meeting.

  1. Problem Identification:  These slides provide advice on what judges are looking for in a problem to be solved. In particular, these slides provide an overview on problems as a series of trade-offs.
  2. Framing the Problem:  These slides explain how to describe your problem statement to the judges.
  3. The Opportunity:  These slides explain seven areas to consider when describing your opportunity, along with an example.
  4. Information Sources:  How big is the problem you are solving? Here are some resources available at Roesch library you may find helpful.
  5. The Business Model:  Many different business styles can solve the same problem. These slides explain how to describe your business structure to the judges. We spend time talking about the "make/buy" decision.
  6. A Licensing Business Model:  One model that really works well with many entrepreneurs is a licensing model. These slides give you some pointers about considering licensing.
  7. Showing Growth:  Judges like to see an idea that is growing. Here are four tactics for demonstrating growth.
  8. Required Resources:  How do you estimate your costs? These slides provide some "quick and dirty" tricks for estimating reasonable numbers.
  9. Returns to Investors:  Here's how to provide all the financial information that judges want to see in an entry.