Nick Bowman

Alumni Success Profile

Nick Bowman

Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing
Warped Wing Brewery in Dayton, OH

What was the year of your graduation from the SBA?

I graduated in 2002 with a business degree: a Marketing major and Entrepreneurship minor.

What is your success story?

After working for national breweries in other states for almost 15 years, I returned to Dayton to help start Warped Wing Brewery.  Less than two years after appearing on the Dayton scene, Warped Wing craft beers can be ordered on tap in almost every beer-serving establishment in Dayton, and recently the brewery earned a top-eight spot on the list of Ohio’s best breweries by Paste Magazine.

What did you learn as a business student that helped you succeed?

The experiential opportunities at UD, and in particular the SBA’s entrepreneurship program, helped me discover my passion for entrepreneurship. I also learned through working on real-world issues with areas firms that true success comes only after paying your dues and working hard to build a foundation of professional knowledge and skills. Also while studying at UD I began to learn the importance of being a servant leader and giving back to the community. At Warped Wing we’re excited to partner with the UD River Stewards, sponsoring their annual gala and partnering with them on River Clean-ups.

Why do you love UD?

UD is all about community, something that was apparent to me from day one on camps. Since I grew up in Centerville, being able to connect my love for UD’s community with the feelings I have for my home town area is beyond my wildest dreams. As a student I was inspired by successful business leaders who spoke in our classes about forging community connections with other like-minded people. Now I’m thrilled to be the successful entrepreneur talking to UD students.  Dayton is a vibrant, growing city where some of the best people I’ve ever met live and work, and UD reflects and adds to Dayton strengths in so many ways.


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