Libby Durnwald

Alumni Success Profile


Education Coordinator
Operation Smile in Virginia Beach, VA

What was the year of your graduation from the SBA?

In 2015 I graduated with a double major in International Studies and Spanish, and with minors in International Business and Political Science. I also completed the Nonprofit Leadership and Management Graduate Certificate. 

What is your success story?

After interning with an international development organization in Washington, D.C., I knew I wanted a similar career. After four rounds of interviews with Operation Smile I was offered the job!  As an Education Coordinator I am responsible for the planning, logistics and execution of a variety of programs that work to further educate the medical volunteers that go on our medical missions. So far I have been to Managua, Nicaragua and Sao Paulo, Brazil. I was in Shanghai, China in August, and will head to Rwanda later in this year. 

What did you learn as a business student that helped you succeed?

The SBA’s focus on team projects and real-world experiential learning helped me acquire skills needed to be a good listener and collaborator, and to always bring respect for others to my interactions. What also stands out from my SBA experiences is learning the importance of the work itself. I love the environment in which I work, my colleagues, the benefits, and so on, but the actual work is what motivates me to do well, and be happy doing it.

Why do you love UD?

I knew I wanted to work for Operation Smile because it allows me to fulfill UD's "Learn, Lead, Serve" mission. I have now adopted this as my personal or life mission. I wanted a job that would allow me to continue to learn, lead and serve, and the UD community brought this to life for me.