Tom Liebhardt

Alumni Success Profile

TOM LIEbhardt

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Sherwin Williams - North America, The Americas Group

What was the year of your graduation from the SBA?

I earned a BSBA in 1993 – Marketing major with a minor in Communications

What is your success story?

I've worked hard to build a career in marketing, something I’m very passionate about.  After graduating from UD, I worked in the Advertising and Branding consulting business for 9 years.  My goals at that time were to work with great brands and help them grow, while learning a lot along the way.  I met many great professionals from whom I learned so much.  From there, I jumped to corporate marketing, first with Moen Incorporated.  After 2 years with Moen I was promoted to lead marketing for their largest business unit.  That accelerated my learning process and exposed me to other aspects of business like product development and segment marketing.   

I left Moen in 2011 to join Sherwin-Williams’ Paint Stores Group.  After 3 years as the Vice President, Wholesale Marketing, I was promoted into my current role, where I am responsible in one way or another for all marketing throughout our stores.  I get to work with the largest paint brand in North America and have witnessed outstanding growth.  It’s been a blast!  The best part is working in an amazing culture where we continuously strive to do better and innovate in any way possible.  When I was in college, I had no idea how cool it would be to work for a paint company!

The biggest part of my success story, though, is my family.  I can't believe how blessed I am to have an amazing wife and three incredible children.  I'm thankful for them every day.   

What did you learn as a UD business student that helped you succeed?

While at UD, I learned valuable lessons about various facets of business and was able to have two great internships with Rawlings Sporting Goods.  However, I think the best lessons that I learned were about how to live a life of balance and how to interact with people to forge better relationships.  Business is all about relationships and UD really did a lot to help me develop in that regard.   

Why do you love UD?

First of all, I met my wife, Karlyn, at UD - that is the best part! Additionally, the sense of community and friendship that exists is absolutely amazing.  Even after you graduate, when you meet people who went to UD, the bond created is just special.  We all stick together just like when we were at school.  That is why it is so cool to represent Flyer Nation!


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