Mark Schwieterman

Alumni Success Profile

Mark Schwieterman

City Manager
Kettering, OH

What was the year of your graduation from the SBA?

I was graduated from the University of Dayton in December 1987 with a BS in Accounting and went on to earn my MPA from UD in 2003.

What is your success story?

UD prepared me to lead and serve in my community. My School of Business Administration degree has enabled me to make contributions to the success of a progressive organization focused on improving quality of life. I am also very pleased that 2 of my children have chosen UD for their undergraduate experience.

What did you learn as a UD business student that helped you succeed?

As a business student I learned to appreciate the details while focusing on the big picture. Understanding how a business works internally has helped me to advocate for our customers, stakeholders and employees.

Why do you love UD?

To quote my daughter who graduated in 2013, "UD is the happiest place on earth." I concur. The University is very simply a community of friends, working toward a life of service and leadership.


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