Austin Sprouse

Alumni Success Profile


Derivatives Trading Specialist
Deutsche Borse AG in Frankfurt, Germany

What was the year of your graduation from the SBA?

2014, with majors in Finance and International Business.

What is your success story?

I recently moved to Frankfurt, Germany, where I work for Deutsche Börse AG, the German financial exchange group. I work in Market Supervision for the derivatives branch, Eurex. On a daily basis, my colleagues and I open, close and monitor futures and options markets across Asia, Europe and the US.

What did you learn as a business student that helped you succeed?

I was active in the UD International Club, and in the SBA with the Davis Center for Portfolio Management and the Hanley Trading Center. My involvement with these organizations, combined with my curriculum, provided the knowledge and experience that ultimately led me to where I am now.  The UD business school creates a working environment that is similar to a real organization’s. As a student I learned about functional areas of a business in parallel with extracurricular activities and other responsibilities. Whether the matter at hand was preparing a group presentation for a course or planning the next event for a student organization, I was kept busy working with a diverse mix of peers to solve a wide range of issues. Within this environment, I learned to manage my time, work efficiently and collaborate with a team. 

Why do you love UD?

I love UD because it epitomizes work-life balance. While I was at UD, I would work hard at the business school during the week but I would also play sports. On weekends it was time to hang out on a porch in the student neighborhood or participates in student org events. UD offers so many different extracurricular activities – no matter what your interests are, you’ll find activities that suit you. 


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