Marsha Keune

Marsha Keune


Marsha Keune joined the SBA faculty in August 2014 and teaches financial accounting and auditing.  Her research has appeared in leading journals such as The Accounting Review. A licensed CPA, Dr. Keune brings an accomplished catalog of service to academia and the profession via participation on numerous committees, task forces, and editorial boards, and her roles as reviewer, discussant and moderator.


  • Ph.D. in Business, Accounting – University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • M.S. in Accounting – University of Central Florida
  • B.S. in Accounting – Butler University

Teaching Philosophy

I facilitate students’ transition to the accounting profession using an interactive classroom environment that focuses on judgmental, real world topics while emphasizing professional responsibilities.

Research Interests

The effects of financial statement auditors’ interactions with managers, audit committees, regulators, standards setters, and other auditors on judgments and decisions.

Notable Publications

  • Keune, M., B. Mayhew, and J. Schmidt. 2016. “Non-Big 4 Local Market Leadership and its Effect on Competition.” The Accounting Review, forthcoming.
  • Keune, M. and K. Johnstone. 2015 “Audit Committee Incentives and the Resolution of Detected Misstatements” Auditing: A journal of practice & theory, forthcoming.
  • Keune, M. and K. Johnstone. 2012. “Materiality Judgments and the Resolution of Detected Misstatements: The Role of Managers, Auditors, and Audit Committees.” The Accounting Review 87 (5): 1641 - 1677.
  •  Keune, M. and K. Johnstone. 2009. “Staff Accounting Bulletin No. 108 Disclosures: Descriptive Evidence from the Revelation of Accounting Misstatements.” Accounting Horizons 23 (1): 19-55.

Impact on Practice

U.S. and European policymakers are concerned that the Big 4 accounting firms have too much market power in the audit market, and are proposing strategies to grow smaller firms so that the market becomes more competitive and to reduce the impact if one of the Big 4 firms collapses. My research finds that smaller firms can serve a competitive role in the market and drive down prices for all firms, including the Big 4.  This research will help policymakers craft more effective solutions to grow competition in the market for audit services.


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