Business Analytics Certificate

Business Analytics represents a growing need both in the Dayton area and nationally, and employment opportunities are readily available for individuals who complete the program.  Business, government, and society in the U.S. and throughout the world depend to an ever-increasing extent on the effective use of data through sophisticated analytical techniques.  Developing skills that meet this increasing demand requires an increasing number of individuals with expertise in analytical methods. 

This certificate program includes both technical and managerial aspects of Business Analytics, including statistics, optimization and simulation.  Students learn the key elements of the analytics process and are exposed to successful real-world applications in analytics that they emulate through case studies.

Admission Resources

Gainful Employment

As part of a new federal regulation focusing on Title IV programs, the University of Dayton is providing required information about how our non-degree programs lead to gainful employment in recognized careers. You may review gainful employment information for the Business Analytics certificate program.