Jacob Allsop

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Jacob Allsop

Interned with Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

What is/are your major(s)?

Finance and Management Information Systems majors and Cyber Security minor.

How/why did you come to be working with Sandia National Laboratories?

I discovered the Sandia National Laboratories when I visited Albuquerque the summer after my first year of college. After I researched what they did, I began applying for every opening there that was relevant to my majors.

Can you mention the specific unit you work in and the people you work under?

I work as support for a lab in the Cyber Engineering Research Lab (CERL) center.

What exactly are you doing in your role?

I help with anything ranging from creating funding requests and reports, clerical support, and have also helped develop code on a project.

What is the most significant aspect of your work with them?

The most significant (and challenging) aspect of my work is that I really get to do a little bit of everything related to the projects I work on.

How do you expect to carry this experience over into your future plans?

After I complete my undergrad studies, I hope to work here at Sandia while continuing my studies in graduate school. Sandia National Laboratories is a great place to work and contribute to a mission that employees can really support. 

What is your best UD-SBA experience so far?

My best SBA experience so far has been joining the Flyer Trading Group.  I’ve not only met some of my closest friends, but also gained many analytical and technical skills from my experience in the group. The Flyer Trading Group helps develop a wide range of business and technical skills, and I highly recommend this experience for everyone. 

Why do you love UD?

It’s difficult to list all the reasons why I love UD. I’ve enjoyed every minute at the University of Dayton. I’ve met so many people here that are more like family than friends, and in some ways I’m sad that my senior year is coming up. I don’t hear that from many students at other schools. I also learned so much while being here, both from the SBA and from the college experience. To sum it up, I love UD because it’s given me the most fun, educational, and memorable years of my life so far.


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