Hannah Odzer

Student Success Stories


What is your major(s)?
I'll graduate in May 2018 with a double major in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Operations Supply Management (OPS).

What is your success story?
My success story is not one specific moment or occurrence, but an internship the summer before my sophomore year. After contacting numerous companies and receiving countless rejections, I was placed with a small start-up company that empowered me to share my opinions and drive company-wide process improvements. They sent me to Nevada for a healthcare conference, to Oregon to tour a hospital’s operations, enabled me to work remotely when back in Dayton and brought me to Spain the following summer to lead an analytics project with a distributor. My drive and ambition have since led me to intern with GE Appliances as well as Ernst and Young.

What are your best SBA experiences so far?
Being the professional chair of Epsilon Nu Tau, an entrepreneurship-focused business fraternity on campus, grew my leadership and communication skills as I increased our involvement with local entrepreneurs by planning events and initiating conversations. I’ve also gained invaluable experience through my MIS and OPS senior capstone projects, by providing real-world solutions to local businesses. Ultimately, these experiential activities have prepared me to begin working at General Electric after my graduation.

How do you expect to carry these experiences over into your future plans?
Immediately upon graduation I’ll be in an IT Leadership Program consisting of four rotations, each lasting six months, in a variety of IT applications. I chose this program for the continuous learning curve and the focus on team-based projects. Through my time at UD, I have far exceeded my professional objectives by recognizing the value of hard work and by utilizing student and faculty networks.

Why do you love UD?
The people. I remember when touring campus for the first time, a student held the door for my entire group of over 20 individuals. This act of kindness represents the student population at UD. This student body, and the incredibly supportive professors and administration – who on multiple occasions pushed me to excel in my studies and take risks – make UD a place that I will call home long after graduation.


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