Steven Stahl

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Steven Stahl

Interned with Fourth Street Performance Partners in Covington, KY

What is/are your major(s)?

Finance and Business Economics

How/why did you come to be working with Fourth Street Performance Partners?

Last year Fourth Street Performance Partners staff attended our summer orientation for the Davis Center for Portfolio Management. After reconnecting with Fourth Street a few months later, I applied for their internship program because I wanted to explore the field of investment consulting.

What exactly are you doing in your role?

I work alongside performance analysts to generate reports which update our clients on their portfolio’s performance. We create separate reports for each fund and constantly screen potential money managers, meeting with current/potential managers to properly position our portfolios as best as we can.

Can you mention the specific unit you work in and the people you work under?

For the most part, I work on the floor with the performance analysts. Together we work under the co-founders, Ken Dorger and Neil Heppler.

What is the most significant aspect of your work with them?

Probably the screening of money managers. Even as an intern, I have the power to filter through various money managers that I think could fit our firm’s mold, and present my report to the analysts above me.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

It’s a challenge to shift my focus away from day-to-day equity market events to a more long-term view of many different asset classes as well as higher-level economic events, both domestic and international.

How do you expect to carry this experience over into your future plans?

It’s been great working right alongside business professionals. I’ve not only learned different reporting mechanisms, but have gained much more expertise in talking with people. The most important thing that I’m bringing back to UD is my ability to work well with others and let others teach me.

What else do you want to share about your job and/or about your firm?

I really enjoy listening to money managers because it allows me to see another perspective in the field of finance. It’s pretty neat to hear about firms from all over the country that I would otherwise not know about.

My best SBA experience so far is…

…my involvement within the Davis Center, a student-run equity portfolio currently valued at about $22 million. I came to UD without prior knowledge of the stock market, and today I’m the Associate Manager of the Davis Center. I owe a lot of my growth to the students working around me, as well as to my professors. I hope I can influence other UD students to get involved with an organization like the Davis Center.

Why I love UD…

I love UD because it’s home. It’s not “similar to” home, it is home. While the primary reason most of us are here is to earn a degree and start a career, UD is not just some ordinary school - it’s a community. I love UD because the people are just good people.


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