Beyond UD Panel Supper

Wednesday, January 28

Time: 6 p.m. — 8 p.m.

Location: Liberty Hall RM 08

More Info:

Cost:  free

The Beyond UD Panel Supper will feature a panel of 4 or 5 former volunteers with a wide variety of experiences. Some have volunteered overseas; others in the U.S. Some have served in faith-based programs; others in government-run or civic programs. Some have lived in community with other volunteers; others have lived alone or found their own roommate. Each will speak for about 5 minutes about their experience. The rest of the evening is open to questions from all of those who come to learn more about volunteering. Th 2015 panel supper is on Wednesday, January 28 at 6:00pm in Liberty Hall RM 08. Please RSVP at

Contact Information:

Name:  Nick Cardilino
Phone:  937-229-2576