International Student OPT Panel & Job Strategy Workshop

Wednesday, February 18

Time: 6 p.m. — 7:30 p.m.

Location: Kennedy Union Torch Lounge

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Tags:  Career Services

Hear first hand from international student graduates who have successfully landed OPT opportunities. This panel will provide guided discussion as well as a question and answer session to provide students with tips and advice on interacting with US employers.

This workshop will help international students prepare for the U.S. job search and learn ways to build or expand their network in-person and on Social Media: Learn how to use tools such as Going Global, UniWorld, and LinkedIn, understand informational interviewing, personal branding (marketing your skills) and articulate your value to an employer. Attendees will learn about skills, preparation tips and resources. Students will understand why networking is critical to the successful job search in the U.S.. This is a unique practical experience that will improve your ability to seek employment opportunities in the U.S.

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Contact Information:

Name:  Eilis Wasserman & Lisa Witt
Phone:  937.229.2045