ETHOS-Blue Rock Station Breakout

Friday, March 20 — Sunday, March 22

Repeats every 3 day(s), all day

Location: Blue Rock Station (BRS), Philo, Ohio

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Cost:  $90/student (includes transportation, housing, food, and course fees)

Focusing on simplicity and treading lightly on the earth. At BRS, students experience life in a sustainable way through work, learning and meals. This year, we're concentrating on a basic photovoltaic (PV) training course and building a solar generator.

Eligibility: All engineering students are eligible.


Students learn about a typical PV system: how to perform load analysis and sizing for solar arrays and battery banks, how to assemble and how to integrate wind turbines and other power systems. They'll receive a PV installation study guide, be exposed to other renewable and sustainable technologies and participate in a series of discussions on ideas and values in sustainable living.

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