PACE Interviewing Tips with Professor Adams

Friday, April 17

Time: 4 a.m. — 5 a.m.

Location: 429 College Park

Do you have any burning questions about interviewing? Maybe you have one coming up and want some practice or you're looking into the future and want to be prepared for when the opportunity finally arises. Regardless, there will be snacks. Join us as Professor Nicky Adams shares her insights on interviewing. This event will be very casual and open to anyone. Professor Adams has a wealth of knowledge about interviewing and the workplace and is ready to share it with us. Come prepared to interact with others, hear some awesome advice, and have FUN! Please RSVP if you have an interest in joining us! It is sure to be a good time!

Contact Information:

Name:  Center for Student Involvement
Phone:  937-229-3333