Michael Bashaw, Sustainability Artist-in-Residence Open Work Session on the Central Mall

Wednesday, October 21

Time: 11 a.m. — 1 p.m.

Location: Central Mall

More Info:  https://www.udayton.edu/artssciences/ctr/hsi/events/index.php

Lend a Hand & Break the Myth
Lend a hand and help Michael Bashaw, UD’s Sustainability Artist-in-Residence, create an installation dedicated to raising awareness about the myth of bottled water. Not only is tap water just as clean and healthy for you, it’s easier on your wallet—and the environment.

How Can You Help?
Add your own mark to one of 120 transparent panels that will be incorporated in Bashaw’s installation. Imagine each small panel representing 100 plastic water bottles, multiply by our 12,000 UD students, and this installation will provide a visual metaphor for the enormity of that impact—if each of us used just one bottle in one day!

Contact Information:

Name:  Katie Schoenenberger
Website:  go.udayton.edu/hsi
Phone:  9372291267
Email:  kschoenenberger1@udayton.edu