E-Learning - Isidore Gradebook

Friday, November 6

Time: 12 p.m. — 1 p.m.

Location: Learning Teaching Center Team Space 020

More Info:  https://isidore.udayton.edu/access/content/public/training.html

Tags:  Workshops

Getting Acquainted with the Isidore Gradebook Tools

You most likely know that you can keep track of grades for assignments and assessments submitted through Isidore by using the Gradebook tools within the system. Did you know that you can also enter grades for assignments completed outside of Isidore? Come to this session to learn the differences between the two Gradebook tools and how to configure the Gradebook tools for your class.

Who should attend this session?

Anyone who is currently using Isidore and would like to get their Gradebook setup.  If you've used the basic gradebook features and would like to use more advanced ones (like extra credit or dropping the lowest), then this session is for you. 

Contact Information:

Name:  Paul Dagnall
Phone:  937-229-2067
Email:  pdagnall@udayton.edu